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Welcome to New Solutions Ltd.
"The satisfaction of our customers is our Success"
New Solution was founded with the goal of building a unity in the construction of identity system, promotional strategies, and decorating with a dynamic team of creative design, specialists, brand consulting will bring complete satisfaction to customers.

Composed idea

Choosing Brand Name

Brand name is the first factor in promoting and proving the brand. Any success in branding is closely related to the brand name. Therefore, naming is one of the most important decisions and the most difficult before the beginning of a business.

The Brand Identity

Brand identity system is the expression of the identity of a company's image through the use of written words and symbols. Brand identity system consists of elements that makes that brand stands out on the market  in a uniform, consistent, creative, unique characteristics that distinguish the brand with other brands.

Composing slogan

Slogan originates from an ancient story that Scotland's warriors shouted out "Slogan" before any battles to scare off their enemies. Today slogan is interpreted as the commercial slogan of a company. Slogan is often considered part of intangible assets of the company even though it's just a saying.

Choosing the product name

Product name has become the most valuable asset of the business. To be valuable, the product name itself is a bridge links between what it represents and its target public. Product names need to be easy to remember, easy to identify, causing attention, and arousing interest. Moreover, its name and images make up most of the culture of that brand and business.

Management strategy and brand development

Building brand strategy

Transfer of ownership and franchising

Construction Advertising



Square aluminum frame 3cm, 2.5 mm in thickness.
Taiwan aluminum rim.
Hiflex canvas (0.32-0.36mm),
Printing Resolution 720dpi. 
Neon lights (Dien Quang or Philips)

Square aluminum frame 3cm, 2.5 mm in thickness. 
Taiwan aluminum rim.
Hiflex canvas (0.32-0.36mm),
Printing resolution 720dpi. 
Neon lights (Dien Quang or Philips)
Taiwan mica
PP Print 720dp

A business, especially big business, needs a caliber and polished brand promotion. Newspaper advertising costs a massive amount but ineffective in expanding brand name. Therefore, advertising signs, light boxes are considered the most ideal solution.

With the motto "Together we create, together we develop", New Solution’s Company provides dynamic and unique creative ideas through quality products. We are always  your side in brands promotions, conquering the market. With our services, you have the right to feel safe and totally satisfied about the quality and state-of-the-art designs of our signs, light boxes, and braille.


Aluminum signs
This is a common form of advertisement used by businesses nowadays. Mica words attached to aluminum signs are lighted by a fascinating lighting system.  In addition to the common forms mentioned above, mica words can be made with many other forms, in order to enhance efficiency.


Hiflex signs
Hiflex is a type of plastic material, white milk color, can withstand either sunshine or rain. Hiflex can print beautifully product images, text, so it is often used in printing:

- Signs (lamp boxes).

- Regulation boards.

- Banners.

- Advertising panels.

- Banner with standees


Mica Signs
Mica is a high-quality plastic material,  shining and smooth surface with a variety of colors. Mica can be used for:

- Signs, lamp boxes.

- Regulations board.
- House address.
- Advertising words

Inox Signs
Inox is a high quality stainless steel with a shining surface.

Inox can be used for:

- Signs with words.

- House addresses.



Braille tables: Mica, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Metal roofing (Tole)

Braille tables: Mica, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Metal roofing (Tole)

Construction banners, Backdrop, Conference banners

Advertising materials

Led Lights


After receiving general plans, structural plans, we draw detailed plans,  developing plans, . .




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